Resume & Job Preparation

Job Preparation 

LinkedIn Learning combines all of’s high-quality courses with insights from LinkedIn data, to provide you with personalized course recommendations based on your current job, skills, and what professionals like you are learning.

Resume Builder! This awesome tool eliminates the need for a word processor, design skills and some of the decisions of what information to include or leave out.  Choose from a simple template or professional, contemporary, or chronological templates. 

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A resume shows your experience and educational background, but a cover letter reveals your personality. Every carefully drafted word from your cover letter creates a visual image of who you are, so recruiters understand why you deserve an interview. In fact, more than 8 out of 10 executives consider cover letters an essential part of the hiring process. Skipping a cover letter may decrease your chances of ever landing an interview, let alone the position you want.

A letter of recommendation is a written nod of approval typically written by a professional with whom the candidate has worked. In some cases, letters of recommendation are written to help students or recent graduates gain entry into higher education or an internship.  The purpose of a letter of recommendation is to officially vouch for an individual’s unique skill set and achievements.