About us

About Us

Our mission is to connect our community through information sharing, fostering communication and enhancing lifelong learning.  Read the FCL 2023 Strategic Plan.

Our History

A conversation at the Fairmount School PTA meeting in 1955 was the genesis of today’s Fairmount Community Library. The individuals involved put their energies into finding out how and what was necessary to start a library and then proceeded to raise the funding.

The library received an official charter from the State in November of 1956, and in April of 1957 opened its doors.

Since then the library has changed its location twice and remodeled twice to meet the needs of its community.

As a community library, Fairmount encourages an open and friendly atmosphere where people of all ages can find information and entertainment.

Fairmount encourages the belief that both information and entertainment are important to the full development of an individual’s character.


Brenda Shea – Director

Amelia Gump – Circulation Clerk

Janet Hayduke – Library Processor 

Hunter McIlroy – Circulation Clerk

Sarah Neugent – Circulation Clerk

Karen Notte – Outreach Coordinator

Patience Peebles – K+ Program Coordinator

Julia Polly- Circulation Clerk, PR Assistant

Betty Steele – Circulation Clerk

Katie Storey – Circulation Clerk

Donna Stoddard – Library Page

Lisa Sweeney – Library Accountant

Board of Trustees

The Fairmount Community Library is governed by a volunteer Board of Trustees which is charged with the oversight of Library policies and finances. The Board consists of seven members.
Becky Ponza

Vice President
Mike Ranieri

Rachel King Gibson

Mary Clifton

Carol Charboneau

Laurie Clark

Allison Earl

Jennifer Grant

Natalie Hempson-Elliott

Executive Director
Brenda Shea

The Fairmount Community Library Board meets the 3rd Wednesday of every month at 7:00 pm in the Community Room.  Community members are encouraged to attend Library Board meetings.

Patrons who would like to attend the Board meetings should contact Library Board President, Becky Ponza at rjponza@onlib.org.

Monday – Thursday: 11am – 7pm
Friday: 11am – 5pm
Saturday: 11am – 5pm


Call 315-487-8933

Text 315-382-8988

406 Chapel Drive
Syracuse, NY 13219

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