Being a parent is a tough job that doesn’t (and shouldn’t!) need to be done alone.  Fairmount Community Library is committed to helping parents navigate all the different chapters in their child’s life, being a place where parents can find valuable resources, fun things to do, and a community who cares.

Ways to help your child cultivate a love of learning:

As your child enters into the school age years it is important to keep communication open and regular with them. Be involved in your child’s school experience. Ask them about their friends. Help them develop their own sense of security in right and wrong. Be aware everyone learns differently.

There are 4 main learning styles.  Figure out which your child feels most comfortable and support them in that style.

  1. Visual (spatial) Learners- people learn best by seeing and observing.
  2. Auditory Learners- people tend to learn better through hearing.
  3. Kinesthetic (tactile) Learners- people who learn through experience and doing .
  4. Reading/Writing Learners- these people are most set up for a traditional school experience as they learn best through reading text and writing things out.

Typically developing children should fall into some of these milestones:

 5-6 year olds 

  • Speak in simple complete sentences
  • Follow 3 step directions
  • Begin reading simple books 
  • Sound out unfamiliar words 
  • Understand the concept of numbers 

7-8 year olds

  • Speak with more complex sentences
  • Can tell time
  • Count backwards
  • Reading and math skills have become more sophisticated
  • Focus and attention improves

9 year olds 

  • Start developing a sense of wanting independence from family and want to develop friend relationships
  • Increased attention capabilities
  • Can start to see the point of view of others
  • Reading independently higher-level books

Things you can say to your children beyond the norm:
You are creative!
Trust your instincts
Your ideas are worthwhile.
You are capable!
You make a difference!
You can change your mind.
You can learn from your mistakes.
You can ask for help.
Thank you for contributing to our family.
I am curious what you think.
How did you do that?