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Ebooks, Audiobooks & Downloadables

Just a few easy steps and you are ready to enjoy Hoopla!

  1. Have a library card issued by the Central Library or one of the City of Syracuse branch libraries.
  2. Register for a hoopla account. Visit www.hoopladigital.com or download the hoopla app on your iOS or Android mobile device and click Sign Up. The hoopla app is free and can be found in the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.
  3. Agree to the hoopla Terms and Conditions of Use.
  4. Enter an email address and create a hoopla password.
  5. Use the pull down menu to select Fairmount Community Library.
  6. Enter your library card number and your PIN.
  7. Easily browse titles on your computer or mobile device. Clicking Browse and choose ebooks, comics, movies, audiobooks, music, or television. You can also search for a specific title by clicking on the Search box and typing in your title or keyword.
  8. To borrow a title, click on the title cover image and then click the Borrow button. Movies and TV titles can be borrowed for three (3) days. Music albums can be borrowed for seven (7) days. Audiobooks, ebooks, and comics can be borrowed for 21 days.
  9. Your borrowed titles can be found under the My Titles tab for viewing and listening. Enjoy your selected titles! Hoopla is available to stream on your personal laptop or device using the library’s Wifi. Hoopla is not available on library computers.
  10. Borrowed titles will be automatically returned when your lending period is over.
  11. Up to ten (10) hoopla items per month can be checked out on a library card. The check out counter resets on the first of each month.
The OverDrive Digital collection includes currently popular e-books in epub, Kindle, and pdf formats, as well as downloadable audiobooks, and music. You can download the items and check them out on your library card just like a regular book. Titles can be read or played on tablets, e-readers, computers and more. Meet LIBBY, the new eBook / Audiobook app by Overdrive.Checkouts Allowed at One Time – 10Holds Allowed at One Time – 10Holds notifications – 72 hours (3 days) from the time of availabilityRecommend for Purchase – 2 titles per day